Company Info


Sanritsu was founded in 1954 in Kawaguchi city of Saitama prefecture, where small industries rose and flourished.
Since then, we have been pursuing unparalleled speciality in development and manufacturing of precision processing machines.

We manufacture processing equipment for a wide range of industrial products such as lenses, sapphire, and optical fiber, and have customers not only in Japan but also in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other countries.
In recent years, our centering machines for micro lenses used in endoscopes and in-vehicle cameras are highly rated and demanded especially. These centering machines are certified as “Kawaguchi i-mono Brand” by the local chamber of commerce and industry, which is the certification for products with suplendid craftmanship.

We are also teaming with industrial robotics manufacturers and developing new types of equipments, aiming for labor-saving in many kinds of manufacturing facilities. We keep supporting a wide rage of industry areas with our craftmanship and pioneer spirit.


1954 Sanritsu Seiki founded.
2007 The factory moved to Asahi, Kawaguchi.
2018 Our centring machines for micro lenses are certified as “Kawaguchi i-mono Brand” by the local chamber of commerce and industry.

Company Outline

Company Name Sanritsu Seiki Co., Ltd.
Foundation April 1954
Capital Fund JPY 15,000,000
CEO Tsuyoshi Kato
Headquarters 1-4-11, Asahi, Kawaguchi-city, Saitama-pref., Japan
Zipcode: 332-0001
Business Area Manufacturing and sales of a series of precision processing equipment for sapphire/optical glass/CaF2/ceramics/silicon/germanium, and technical guidance of product usage
Main Products ・Vertical grinding machine
・Automatic centering machine
・Brush grinding machine
・Double-sided surface grinder
・Wafer chamfering machine
・High-speed flat surface polisher
・Three-axis end-face polishing machine
・Fiber Optic Polishing Machine
Nikon Corporation
HOYA Corporation
Seiko Epson Corporation
Seiko Instruments Inc.
KYOCERA Corporation
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Overseas Customers China, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Singapore